Laser cutting example project

Example of laser cut project

  • Here's an example of a laser cut greeting card that we produced for architectural clients. Each one of these greeting cards takes 40 seconds to cut out. It costs $0.60 in laser cutting time, $0.50 in material, and $5.00 to ship. 100 of these cards cost $60 in laser time and $50 in material with $12 to ship. They can be produced in three business days or less. 1000 of these cards only cost $.40 a unit! To learn more about quoting out your project please visit our laser cutting quotes section of the website. 

Compare our laser cutting prices to our competitors times and prices

Ponoko - $3.30 a unit for laser time, $2.50 for material, and $8.25 for shipping and can take up to eight days for them just to make it not including the three-day!

Sculpteo - $11.42 in closest material offered cardboard, with no breakdown of costs from website and $14.00 in delivery with a eight day turnaroud!

We work with different industries including:

  • aerospace
  • woodworking
  • film and television
  • custom prop building
  • architectural firms
  • schools
  • trophy shops
  • event planners
  • print shops
  • Graphic designers
  • The Graphic design shops
  • Maker spaces
  • Hacker spaces
  • The s.t.e.m. community
  • Companies looking to do large-scale manufacturing