Chinese Laser Cutter Repair

We are the only company in United States that specializes in providing aftermarket services for Chinese laser cutters. Our services include repair, maintenance, servicing, troubleshooting, upgrades, and both on and offsite assistance.

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Chinese Laser Cutter Repair

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We are the only repair service in United States that specializes in providing repair, maintenance, installation, training, and upgrades on all brands of Chinese laser cutters. We can provide you with all of the back end assistance that is missing with the purchase of any Chinese laser. If you purchase a laser cutter from eBay we can help you with everything that you need that doesn't come with the laser cutter. For more detailed information please visit our laser cutter repair page. we work with machines like the x 700 and the lasers from eBay.

Give us a call at (213) 797-0728 or email us at for a free consultation to see how we could help you out with your laser cutter problems. 

Not in California no problem!

We've provide both onsite and remote assistance for all brands of Chinese laser cutters around the entire country.

Laser cutter just stop firing ?

we can help you!

Need help with your laser cutter installation?

We have installed hundreds of laser cutters around the country and can help you install your Chinese laser cutter.

Chinese laser cutter diagnosis

We can provide a full diagnosis both onsite and remotely.