We can laser cut wood, leather, wedding invitations, awards and trophies, and custom products for your business.

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Laser cutting examples

All of our services are by appointment only, if you would like to come to the shop please make an appointment by emailing us at Americanlaserco@gmail.com you can also call or text us at (213) 797-0728. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email.


Award and Trophy

Laser Cut trophy

We can cut or engrave award and trophy from a large variety of materials.


Laser cut gift

We can create a custom gift or engrave on something you bring in.

Christmas ornaments


We can laser cut or engrave a Christmas ornament for you. Put your name or image on a ornament.


Laser cut signs

We can create individual letters to 31 x 45.

Name badges

Laser engraved name badges

We can make anywhere from one name badge to as you need for your company or event.


Laser cut stencil

We can create intricate and complex stencils up to 31 x 45.

Rubber stamps

Laser cut rubber stamp

We can make custom stamps out of 100% rubber.


laser cut leather

We can laser cut or engrave a variety of leathers.


Laser cut invitations

We can laser cut wedding invitations, birthday cards or invitation.


Laser cut prototype

We can help you prototype and fabricate your new product ideas.


Laser cut fabric

We can laser cut fabric as long as it does not contain vinyl or Chlorine.

The Cannabis Industry

Laser cut cannabis industry

We laser cut jars, tubes, displays, and more!


laser cut foam

We can laser cut custom foam inserts.

We work with different industries:

  • aerospace

  • woodworking

  • film and television

  • custom prop building

  • architectural firms

  • schools

  • trophy shops

  • event planners

  • print shops

  • Graphic designers

  • The Graphic design shops

  • Maker spaces

  • Hacker spaces

  • The s.t.e.m. community

  • Companies looking to do large-scale manufacturing

  • To Canabis industry

  • and more!