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Facts and answers about American Laser Cutters.

I. Laser cutting questions

1. Q: Can you laser cut metal?

A: No.

2. Q: Can you laser cut glass?

A: No.

3. Q: Can you laser cut Vinyl or a record?

A: No.

4. Q: What is the thickest you can cut?

A: We can cut up to 1 inch in certain materials but we don't recommend going over quarter inch.

5. Q: What is your standard turnaround time?

A: 1-3 business days for standard projects.

6. Q: Do you offer shipping or delivery?

A: Yes.

7. Q: what can you cut?

A: For more information on materials we can cut please visit our materials page.

A: For more information on the types of projects we do please visit our projects page.

For more information on our laser cutting services please visit the Laser Cutting Quotes Section of our website.

II. Laser repair questions

1. Q: Do you repair Chinese laser cutters?

A: Yes.

2. Q: Do you repair American laser cutters?

A: Yes.

3. Q: How do you offer service around the country?

A: We offered two types of services, remote laser repair service using programs such as Skype, and We can drive or fly out to your location from Los Angeles. 

4. Do you repair Ebay laser engravers?

A: yes

For more information on our laser repair services please visit the Laser Cutter Repair section of our website.

III. General questions

1. Q: Are you open to the public?

A: Yes by appointment only. Monday through Friday 10 AM through 6 PM, closed all major holidays and weekends.

2. Q: What is your phone number?

A: (213)-797-0728

3. Q: What is your email address?

A: Americanlaserco@gmail.com

4: What is your address?

A: 501 South Ave. 17 Los Angeles, CA 90031