Laser Cutter Repair

We offer repair and maintenance for laser cutters and laser engravers around the country. We offer on site repair and maintenance anywhere in the United States for your laser cutter as well as remote assistance.

Our office is located in Los Angeles California we provide the only laser cutter repair and maintenance service in Southern California and the only online laser cutter repair service anywhere in the United States. We provide on site or remotely for laser cutters we dont sell anywhere in the U.S.A. We work on other companies’ laser cutters and engravers such as Universal, Full Spectrum, Epilogue, Red Sail, Rabbit, Trotec, x700 and Chinese eBay laser cutters and engravers. We repair US and Chinese laser cutters, laser etching machines, laser engraving machines, diode laser cutters, and diode laser engravers. With our years of experience in the laser cutting field we can easily diagnose and fix most problems quickly and efficiently getting your laser cutter up and running to get you manufacturing again.

Give us a call/text us at (213) 797-0728 or email us at for a free consultation to see how we could help you out with your laser cutter problems. 

What we can do for you

- Lens and mirror cleaning.

- Power supply replacement.

- Laser control replacement.

- Regularly scheduled basic maintenance 

- Upgrading your current laser cutter to make it run more efficiently.

- Professional laser cutter instruction.

- On site repair anywhere in the United States.

- Email, Skype, Phone, and questions, troubleshooting, and diagnosis.

- Repair and Maintenance on other laser cutter company's machines.

- Installation of other companies laser cutters and engravers.

- Laser tube cleaning service.

- Laser cutter diagnostic.

- Laser tube calibration.

- Laser tube replacement.

- Mirror alignment or replacement.

-Lens alignment or replacement.

We work with CO2 lasers

We primarily work on CO2 laser tube based laser cutters, laser engravers, and laser markers but we can also come and diagnose other forms of laser cutters.

Remote Laser Repair


We provide laser cutter repair assistance anywhere in the world!

We are the only service that offers remote laser cutter diagnostics in the entire country!

We are the only laser cutter repair service that works on machines we did not sell!

For more information about laser cutter repair please email us at or call 213 - 797 - 0728

Remote services are just $80 an hour!

If you do not have a local Laser cutter repair service We offer a remote laser cutter repair service for nearly any a model of laser cutter.

If you ordered a laser cutter off of eBay or directly from China you probably found that you get a little to no customer service with your machine. With our years of experience working on Chinese laser cutters We can often diagnose your issue quickly.

How does it work?

We use Skype or the phone to help you fix  your laser cutter.

Manufacturer letting you down?

We offer remote diagnostic services for Laser Cutters from full spectrum, Epilogue, and all brands of Chinese laser cutters  with services such as Skype. This is a great alternative for people that purchased a laser cutter from eBay and don't know what to do next.

The most cost effective laser cutter diagnosis around!

At $80 an hour no laser cutter repair service can come close to our prices. We still provide you with absolute best diagnostic services we can.

Maintain your laser cutter

We can also come out and do a simple maintenance call in order to improve the life and the efficiency of your laser cutter. For users that use less than 40 hours on their machine monthly, we recommend servicing once a month. For those who use their laser cutter more than 40 hours a month we recommend two maintenance checks a month. We can also teach you how to repair and maintain your own machine. Is this important to keep your laser cutter or laser engraver properly maintained as a preventative measure against damage and a good way to keep your laser running strong.

Regularly scheduled laser cutter maintenance

We can provide weekly or monthly laser cutter maintenance for those that want to keep their machine running at its absolute best.

Installing your laser cutter or laser engraver

We are the only company in the United States that offers repair and maintenance on machines that we don't sell. We also offer customer support for machines that are out of warranty, come with poor customer service, or are from companies no longer in business. For customers, outside of Southern California we recommend a remote diagnosis in order to determine what your laser may need. This way if you need us to come to your location we should have most everything we need. We can also install used laser cutters.

Laser cutter remote assistance

We can Skype or talk on the phone with you to help you solve your problems remotely to fix your laser cutter. $80/hr.

Maintaining and repairing your optics

We have the ability to come out and clean or replace your laser cutter optics. Lenses and mirrors are some of the first components to wear out in a laser cutter. We also sell and install upgraded optics. Most lenses and mirrors that come with the standard machine tend to be low quality and don't give you all of your laser cutters cutting or etching ability. With upgraded optics, you can get up to a 50% power boost. We can also change your focal length if you're looking for high engraving or etching quality or slightly deeper cuts.

Upgrading your laser cutter

We specialize in custom options for your laser cutting needs. We can offer upgrades on virtually any system in your laser cutter. Special upgrades can give you benefits such as higher Energy output, cleaner cuts, faster cuts, automatic laser focusing, and many more upgrades.

Laser cutter training

We can come out and train you on your laser system. We work with all major laser cutter brand and all Chinese laser cutters. We can work with everybody from first timers to more advanced operators trying to learn about newer technology. We have incredibly in depth knowledge that can be passed on to even the most advanced users. We can even help you set up specialty tools for those that are constantly doing the same all objects.

Fixing Chinese laser cutters

If you have a Chinese laser cutter or engraver you have probably found there is little to no customer service. We specialize in providing aftermarket services for all Chinese laser cutters. We can help you with everything from training and installation to repair and maintenance. We can also help you acquire new parts for your Chinese laser cutter.

Laser cutter damaged in transit?

If you find your laser cutter has been damaged during a move we can come out and assess the issues and provide you with a full report.

Compare us to the competition.

Full spectrum charges a minimum of $1500 plus travel in order to come to your location compared to our $160 minimum which guarantees you two hours on site.

Laser Cutter training


We offer software skills and project based tutoring for professionals, students and hobbyists. All classes are custom tailored to the student or students taking that class.

We recommend a minimum of 2 to 3 hours for first-timers, and one hour for people that are well versed in laser cutters. These classes cost $40 per person per hour and $100 for a three hour class per person.

With over four years of teaching, repair, maintenance, upgrades, and just running a variety of laser cutters we can pass on our expertise to all ages. We can teach you how to repair and maintain your own machine or just how to understand it a little bit better. We can also help you upgrade your machine to make your laser cutter more efficient and easier to service.

If you are just curious and want to learn how to run a laser cutter, then come into our shop and learn on ours in a private one-on-one tutoring sessions or in classes up to five. We can also bring a laser cutter to your location to do educational classes or use your laser cutter on site for tutoring. To learn more about on location classes and tutoring please contact us at The machine is completely safe to run indoors however it does produce a little bit of a smell so open areas are recommended. We can do everything from small parties to large school events.

  • Software skills and project-based laser cutter tutoring for professionals, students and hobbyists

  • Learn how to maintain your laser cutter

  • Come learn with our 4 x 5 foot 120 W laser cutter

Chinese laser cutter repair

We are the only repair service in United States that specializes in providing repair, maintenance, installation, training, and upgrades on all brands of Chinese laser cutters. We can provide you with all of the back end assistance that is missing with the purchase of any Chinese laser. If you purchase a laser cutter from eBay we can help you with everything that you need that doesn't come with the laser cutter. For more detailed information please visit our laser cutter repair page. we work with machines like the x 700 and the lasers from eBay.

Give us a call at (213) 797-0728 or email us at for a free consultation to see how we could help you out with your laser cutter problems. 

Not in California no problem!

We've provide both onsite and remote assistance for all brands of Chinese laser cutters around the entire country.

Need help with your laser cutter installation?

We have installed hundreds of laser cutters around the country and can help you install your Chinese laser cutter.

Chinese laser cutter diagnosis

We can provide a full diagnosis both onsite and remotely.

Simple laser cutter repair and maintenance can be done in as little as one to two hours depending on the issue with your machine.

Feel free to give us a call at (213) 797-0728 regarding your laser cutter issues and we will see how we can assist you. You can also email us at