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Laser Cutter Tutoring

We offer software skills and project based tutoring for professionals, students and hobbyists. All classes are custom tailored to the student or students taking that class.

We recommend a minimum of 2 to 3 hours for first-timers, and one hour for people that are well versed in laser cutters. These classes cost $40 per person per hour and $100 for a three hour class per person.

With over four years of teaching, repair, maintenance, upgrades, and just running a variety of laser cutters we can pass on our expertise to all ages. We can teach you how to repair and maintain your own machine or just how to understand it a little bit better. We can also help you upgrade your machine to make your laser cutter more efficient and easier to service.

If you are just curious and want to learn how to run a laser cutter, then come into our shop and learn on ours in a private one-on-one tutoring sessions or in classes up to five. We can also bring a laser cutter to your location to do educational classes or use your laser cutter on site for tutoring. To learn more about on location classes and tutoring please contact us at americanlaserco@gmail.com. The machine is completely safe to run indoors however it does produce a little bit of a smell so open areas are recommended. We can do everything from small parties to large school events.

  • Software skills and project-based laser cutter tutoring for professionals, students and hobbyists
  • Learn how to maintain your laser cutter
  • Come learn with our 3 x 4' 100 W laser cutter