Laser cutter safety: how to deal with a fire in your laser cutter.

Before we talk about machines that have already caught on fire let me first suggest a couple of basic rules.

  1. Never leave the machine unattended
  2. Have a smoke detectors/fire alarm near the machine
  3. Use a CO2 fire extinguisher not a chemical extinguisher
  4. If your machine has air assist make sure to move the head so you don't feed the fire

For those who have already set laser cutter or engraver on fire here are a couple of Basic rules for you.

  1. Visually inspect everything
  2. Don't turn on the machine yet
  3. Clean out any damaged parts
  4. Do a full of electrical check on the machine
  5. Do a full mechanical check on the machine
  6. Send us a list of the parts you need and we can put a kit together for you