The Rules

1.     The rules


·      This is an incredibly dangerous tool not a toy and must be treated with respect.

·      Never run the laser without the water flowing the results could be catastrophic.

·      Never run your machine unattended they can easily start a big fire.

·      Always make sure your material is laser cut safe. Check the MSDS (manufactures safety data sheet) if you’re not sure.

·      Never run the laser open. Not only could you blind yourself but you’re going to change the way it cuts.

·      If your machine has plugs in it do not use them. Never plug anything into the machine you will overload it.

·      It is always better to run everything off of a good power strip.

·      Always wait between 30 seconds and 1 minute before opening the machine after a cut.

·      Make sure to regularly maintain your machine.

·      Always keep learning about it. It’s one of those things you could take a day to learn and a lifetime to master.

·       Never run the machine above 90%.

·       allow extra room when engraving the head moves further.

·       Do not run the laser if the water temperature is above 80° or the ambient room temperature 85 or above.

·       These machines are not designed to run more than four consecutive hours.

·       You must perform a half hour cool down after four hours.

·       my rule of thumb is to never run it for more than two consecutive hours and then do a half hour cooldown.

Jonathan SchwartzComment