Used laser cutters

Used to laser cutter sales

Want to sell your laser cutter?

If you have a used laser cutter or laser engraver that you want to sell contact us at for more information on what we can do to help so your machine.

Looking for a used laser cutter?

50 W laser cutter - $2500

It is a year and a half old 50W table top laser cutter. This machine comes with a Rotary tool attachment as well as a spare laser tube. This machine is being sold as is and currently has an issue processing images in one direction. This machine is on our repair list however if you think you can fix it you can grab it now for a fraction of the price before we refurbish it. It has a 300 x 500 millimeter bed.

20 W diode laser - $2000

The age of the machine is unknown but based off what we can see the machine doesn't look more than five or six years old. This machine can definitely turn on but we have never seen it running. It comes with a older laptop that is supposed to run the machine but the laptop itself has some issues. This machine is primarily meant for marking on metal and other hard materials rather than cutting. It has a 300 x 300 millimeter bed. This machine is on our repair list but you can pick it up now for less than half the refurbished price.


Used laser cutter accessories

Radiator based water chiller - $200

This water chiller is approximately a year and a half old and is fully functional. Please note that it has no actual cooling mechanism other than the radiator.

Coolant based water chiller - $500

This unit is approximately 2 years old and in semi working condition. We believe the machine needs more coolant as it is heating up overtime during operations. This machine is on the repair list but you can pick it up for a lot less if you think you can fix it.