New Client Guide

This is a guide for first time clients to help them get their files right.

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New Client Guide

This guide is intended for those that are new to laser cutting

Raster art does not normally require modification but cannot be used for cutting

 Raster is for engraving only

1. Understanding your art

2. Settings for your vector art

Laser cutting file submission guideline

AI, DXF, and PDF are acceptable. We recommend using PDF.

We cannot accept any non-vector or raster files.

AutoCAD 08 - 2013

  • Export bitmap as PNG

  • Unfilled (just the outline)

  • .001 or hair line in Corel

  • Export in millimeters

  • Export text as curves

  • Just the outline

Red for Cut      Blue for Etech Green for Score Line

This is what your file should look like if you have done it correctly