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We provide laser cutter repair assistance anywhere in the world!

Laser cutter repair and diagnosis

Remote Laser Repair

Remote services are just $80 an hour!

If you do not have a local Laser cutter repair service We offer a remote laser cutter repair service for nearly any a model of laser cutter. If you ordered a laser cutter off of eBay or directly from China you probably found that you get a little to no customer service with your machine. With our years of experience working on Chinese laser cutters We can often diagnose your issue quickly and offer parts and instructional material in order to get your laser cutter up and running as quickly as possible.

Manufacturer letting you down?

We offer remote diagnostic services for Laser Cutters from full spectrum, Epilogue, and all brands of Chinese laser cutters  with services such as Skype. This is a great alternative for people that purchased a laser cutter from eBay and don't know what to do next.

The most cost effective laser cutter diagnosis around!

At $80 an hour no laser cutter repair service can come close to our prices. We still provide you with absolute best diagnostic services we can.

We are the only service that offers remote laser cutter diagnostics in the entire country!

We are the only laser cutter repair service that works on machines we did not sell!

For more information about laser cutter repair please email us at Americanlaserco@gmail.com or call 213 - 797 - 0728