Laser Cutting in Los Angeles

We offer one of the largest laser cutter available to the public at 4 by 5 feet. We also offer sales on new laser cutters as well as offering laser cutter repair and maintenance.

Laser cutting services in Los Angeles!

We have one of the biggest lasers in Los Angeles with a 4 x 5 foot bed!

Average turnaround times are 1 to 3 business days.  

By appointment only M-F 10am-6pm.  Americanlaserco@gmail.com or call/text us at (213) 797-0728

Laser cutting services

We can laser cut nearly any material up-to 4x5. With years of experience we can help you complete your project.

Laser cutter repair

We offer laser cutter repair, servicing, and upgrades on nearly any laser cutter or laser engraver. We travel anywhere in the United States and service most lasers .  


Spencer S - " I couldn't be happier with the work and the guys at American Laser Cutter. They got everything to me quickly and with a smile. "

David W - " Very good service and fast turnaround. I've done several projects with them over the past couple years. Very satisfied. "


We do not cut these materials: metal, glass, vinyl, or fake leather.

3041 N Coolidge Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039