Laser Cutting in Los Angeles

We offer one of the largest laser cutter available to the public at 4 by 5 feet. We also offer sales on new laser cutters as well as offering laser cutter repair and maintenance.

Laser cutting service in Los Angeles!

The biggest laser cutters in Los Angeles with a 4 x 5 foot bed!

We now also have laser metal engraving and etching services

1326 East 18 st , LA, CA 90021 appointment only M-F 10am-6pm 

Americanlaserco@gmail.com or call/text us at (213) 797-0728

Average turnaround times are 1 to 3 business days.  

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a co2 laser to cut materials, and is used by manufacturing, schools, small businesses, and hobbyists for smaller projects.

Get Your product designs custom made by our Designers & lasers. fast.

Laser cutting service

We can laser cut or engrave nearly any material up-to 4 by 5 feet! We can do anything from one unit to large scale production runs.

Laser cutter repair

We offer laser cutter repair and servicing on nearly any laser cutter or laser engraver. We travel anywhere in the United States and service.  

We now offer metal engraving services!

We can engrave nearly any metal. With our fiber metal engraver we can engrave metal objects faster and with more accuracy than traditional engraving methods. Our laser engraver is able to engrave at thousands of inches per second!

Customer reviews

Spencer S - " I couldn't be happier with the work and the guys at American Laser Cutter. They got everything to me quickly and with a smile. "

Josh L - “Jonathan worked with me to make sure my designs were perfect before cutting. Easy to work with, great price, exactly what I needed esp because I have higher quantity orders. Would highly recommend”.

David W - " Very good service and fast turnaround. I've done several projects with them over the past couple years. Very satisfied. "

Uri D- “These guys are great - I've used them countless times to cut custom foam inserts for my packaging. They are also open to experimentation on all sorts of materials and we've had some really interesting results.
Always a pleasure working with John and his crew”.

Calvin L-”I work for an architectural firm and have had Jon laser cut a few projects for me. He does a great job and spends as much time as needed to help you get your files to a point where they'll be cut successfully and meet your needs, whatever they may be. He gave me a tour of his workshop and showed me how his machines work which was cool. I'm thinking of having him cut the larger topographical pieces for our architectural models in the future, while I use the smaller machine which I may purchase from him for cutting my exterior elevations and other portions of the house. Cool guy, great work and very helpful. Highly recommended, very quick turn around and extremely reasonable pricing. Very pleased to say the least”.

About us

At American laser cutter we pride our selves in knowing we have the biggest most advance equipment in Los Angeles and some of the most knowledgeable staff. We are the only laser cutting service in Los Angeles that has a metal engraving laser. We can engrave almost any metal! We can also cut almost anything (we cant cut metal or things that have chlorine) at 4 foot by 5 foot! We have one of the biggest laser cutters in Los Angeles! We can cut or etch just one item or go all the way to industrial scale production. We also offer lessons, laser repair and laser cutter sales.

What can we cut with our laser cutter?

We can laser cut- Trophies, gifts, Christmas ornaments, wood, acrylic, signage, name badges, stencils, rubber stamps, leather, invitations, prototypes, fabric, the cannabis industry and more!

We offer prototyping and product development

We ca help you develop your prototype at a fraction of the cost of other services. We can help you prototype your product from idea all the way to full-scale production with our laser cutting services.

Custom fabrication

We can fabricate nearly anything you can dream up.

We don’t cut: metal, glass, vinyl, or fake leather.

1326 East 18 st , LA, CA 90021 appointment only M-F 10am-6pm.  

Americanlaserco@gmail.com or call/text us at (213) 797-0728.