Laser cutting quotes

1. Download our template.

2. Scroll down to read instructions.

3. Submit your correctly formatted laser cutting or engraving file here.

Please review your files in an independent pdf viewer to check for errors  

Laser cutting file submission guideline

Please make sure it is just the outline of your object. You can also download our template for more help.

Please make sure it is just the outline of your object. You can also download our template for more help.


AI, DXF, and PDF are acceptable

We recommend using our PDF template

We cannot accept any non-vector or raster files like JPEG.

  • AutoCAD 2008 - 2013
  • Export in millimeters
  • Export text as curves
  • Export bitmap as PNG
  • Unfilled (just the outline)
  • .001 or hair line in Corel
  • Cut lines should be red
  • Etch lines should be blue
  • Score lines should be green
  • Let us know the size of the art board
  • We can fit a 3' x 4' object on the bed but the maximum cutting size is 36.5 x 47.
  • We need at least 3 mm clearance from the edge when cutting out of sheets
  • We need at least 0.75 mm clearance between parts.
  • The art board does not indicate a cut line.
  • If you send the same file with revisions please rename it (we are not responsible for cutting the wrong file if you do not rename it.)
Different types of laser cutting

laser engraving vs protected laser engraving

Laser cut protected versus not protected

If you would like a cleaner laser cut or your laser engraving to look better please mention that you would like us to add protection.

Other info

  • No setup fees

  • $80 an hr

  • Industrial capacity means fast turnaround times and lower cost than our competitors per unit

  • $30 minimum charge for laser cutting (20 minutes worth of time)

  • Low-cost file creation /correction starting at $25

  •  Please note we are not responsible for defective cuts do to file error or for material defects if you provide your own material.

Material we stock

  • 1/4 in birch
  • 2.7 mm wood
  • 1/8 in clear acrylic 
  • 1/4 in clear acrylic

Other materials can be sourced

Preproduction and postproduction

We offer a variety of preproduction services including adding protection to your materials to eliminate burns from laser cutting and engraving. Please inquire about the production laser cut services you're looking for.

We also offer postproduction services including assembly and painting upon request. Please inquire about the postproduction laser cut services you're looking for.

Vector versus raster files